About ListingManager™

Your real estate website must be more than a placeholder. It must be more than a formality. It should be a tool. It should be an agent that works 24/7, 365 to give a good first impression, help clients start their home-buying process, and show that your agency is the best choice for buying or selling property.

ListingManager™ is a product line developed exclusively for West Penn Multi-List subscribers. This service includes customized web designs, powerful search features, online marketing tools and access to digital marketing specialists for real estate brokers, agents and realtors.

The first version of ListingManager™ was designed in 2000 by Joyce, Inc. The interface and tools have been continuously refined and improved over the years. Our most recent update, ListingManager™ 4.0, is the most advanced, customized tool designed for West Penn Multi-List. We now serve over 50 real estate clients in Western PA.


What Are the Benefits of ListingManager™?

Amazingly Sleek and Powerful IDX User Interface

  • Simple, modern search interface with map-based search engine  
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive new website branded for your agency  
  • Website can stay on your current domain
  • Better use of available data from the West Penn Multi-List
  • Professional appearance and increased online visibility  

Mobile-Friendly, User-Friendly and SEO-Friendly Design

  • New sites are designed to be fully compatible with all devices and browsers
  • Page structure is optimized to give greater control over Search Engine visibility
  • Dedicated landing pages to help you target SEO for your area or specialty

Improved Lead Conversion and Retention

  • Capture more leads with increased calls-to-actions, onsite forms and client logins
  • Users can save searches, and favorite or hide listings
  • Intuitive ways for user to contact the agent throughout the process
  • Greater trust from both buyers and sellers that you're using the most advanced tools  


About Joyce Inc.

Joyce Inc. is a team of information technology consultants located in Pittsburgh, PA. The ListingManager™ line of products is designed to help real estate companies and agents in Western Pennsylvania add technology and an Internet presence to their business in order to compete in today's market. In addition to developing user-friendly and search-engine optimized web sites, we provide IDX service for MLS searches, website and email hosting, Internet marketing services, graphic design, database design and custom application development.


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