IDX Websites Designed for
Brokers and Agents


  • Sleek Design Branded and Customized for Your Real Estate Company
  • Streamlined and Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Powerful Map-Based Search Tool
  • Designed to be as User-Friendly and Functional as National Real Estate Sites
  • Mobile-Friendly and Compatible with Any Device
  • New Tools to Help Agents Attract Buyers & Sellers
  • Capability for Dedicated SEO-Rich Landing Pages
  • Additional Marketing Services Available

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Would you hire an agent who worked 24/7/365?
(You can. It's your website.)

Since 2000, ListingManager™ has been a top choice for IDX websites for realtors, brokers and agents. We specialize in custom designed real estate web sites that utilize the MLS IDX data feed. Your ListingManager™ website will be branded for your company and enhanced with our top-of-the-line listing search tool.

ListingManager™ helps attract and retain leads who want to buy or sell property.

Here's how it works.

Step 2. All of the properties that match the search criteria are displayed in a clean, modern, sophisticated listing tool.

Step 3. The client favorites, hides, and views more details about the properties.

Step 4. The client easily contacts you or your agents through the website, generating an enthusiastic new lead!

ListingManager™ helps you capture leads and improve your agency's success.

  • New design branded for your company
    Refresh your online presence with an attractive new website design. Features can be customized to reflect your agency's branding and meet your needs.
  • Map-Based property search tool
    Like other major online real estate sites, our search tool is now driven by a map search. Users can view listings as points on a map or in a sorted list. This is a familiar format that will help keep clients on your site instead of drifting to your competitors.
  • User, mobile and Google friendly design
    Our new technology is designed to be cutting-edge on all fronts. Your clients will find it easy and intuitive to use. All features are compatible across desktop and mobile devices. Pages are built with SEO in mind to help your listings stand out in search engines.
  • New conversion and retention features
    Call-to-action buttons and contact forms are strategically incorporated into the design. This encourages clients to go from a casual surfer to a motivated client.
  • Improved control panel
    Have greater control over your website. The new control panel includes new features and options to help you make simple changes on the fly. Edit content or add a new agent headshot with just a few clicks.
  • Better integration with MLS
    The new ListingManager displays more property details through better use of IDX data, and pairs that with third party data including Google Maps information. This gives your clients a fuller understanding of the property so they'll fall in love faster.
  • Rolling updates and full technical support
    We are continuously working on new features and advancements to this latest ideation. We offer continuous support to help you make the most of your online presence.

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