Rev-Up Your Social Media in 2021 with These Content Ideas


Heat Level: Mild: These tips are beginner-friendly.

Bottom Line: Having a social media strategy is the best way to increase engagement on your posts. Keeping up with social trends, engaging with users on posts, and monitoring your stats are all great ways to boost your real estate brand’s visibility. But one factor that can’t be overlooked is regularly posting quality content.

Do This: Start the new year off right and revive your social media accounts by using these creative content ideas that will help beef up your engagement and visibility. Tailor them as needed so they resonate with your target audience.

Tired of posting just listings on your real estate social media pages? It’s time to mix it up.

User-Generated Content, Stories, TikTok challenges – social media is always changing. But one thing is for certain: it’s not going away anytime soon (or, let’s be honest, ever.)

So how do you keep up with all of the trends, come up with killer content that speaks to your audience, and stay consistent? With a little bit of planning and research...which is so easy to put off when you’re busy running your real estate business, right? The good news is we’ve done some of the hard work for you and compiled a list of creative content ideas that you can incorporate into your social media strategy for 2021. No excuses!

Ask Questions 

People love to give their opinion on social media. Why not take advantage of this by hosting a Q&A session or creating a poll for your real estate page’s story? 

A poll on a Facebook or Instagram Story could be as simple as “Which house is your dream home?” or “Which neighborhood do you want to buy a home in?” Polls are a great way to encourage user engagement since all they have to do is select a choice rather than taking the time to type. It also provides you with helpful data about your audience. Polls used to be an option when creating a post on Facebook, but they are now are only available in the Story feature. 

User-Generated Content

UGC is any content created by a customer that mentions your business or products. When homebuyers make a thank-you post about closing with your company, share it! UGC can also be reviews and testimonials from clients that they’ve posted on social media. This type of content not only proves that your real estate business is high-quality, it takes all of the hard work out of creating your own post. It’s a win-win. 

Oreo posts user-submitted content on their Instagram page. Drooling yet? Because we are.

Video is King

Remember the last time you went to watch just one video and then it turned into a whole 3 hours of watching videos? We’ve all been there. 


This proves that video content is the most engaging (and addicting) type of content on social media, and it isn’t going anywhere in 2021. The platform TikTok has exploded in popularity in the past year due to its short and catchy video content that keeps people coming back for more. Other platforms have started to add short videos like Instagram with its new feature Reels. Real Estate professionals should definitely take advantage of this new trend so they can reach younger adults. 

Realtor on Instagram makes a creative reel about tips for homebuyers. 

Video content also includes live videos. You could earn a lot of engagement by going live during one of your home showings for example. This is because Facebook and Instagram Live both send notifications to your followers when you’re streaming and live videos rank higher than other content on both platforms. What’s more, viewers can comment and ask questions in real-time so you can engage with them while streaming. 


Stories originated from Snapchat but the feature has since been added to Facebook and Instagram because of extreme popularity. Stories allow you to be front and center on social media because they are located at the top of the newsfeed. You can enhance your stories with music, stickers, gifs, and customized text. 

Real estate professional shares a motivational quote on his story. 

Host a Contest or Giveaway

People love free stuff. Hosting a contest or giveaway on social media can significantly increase engagement on your page by requiring people to share your post, like your page, follow you, or visit your website in order for a chance to win. However, we wouldn’t recommend using a lot of rules or requirements, this could deter people from entering your giveaway or contest. Make the rules simple and easy to follow. Get creative and incorporate holidays into your giveaway as the Southern Hospitality Blog did below. 

Curated Content and Industry News

Sharing content from others in the real estate industry is great if you don’t have the time to come up with an original post on the fly. Sharing news about the housing market, local news stories, and even posts from other real estate professionals can help you fill in your social media calendar. Make sure to post a link or give credit when sharing other’s content. 

Recycle Your Blog Articles

Running out of content ideas? Put your blog articles to use again! Posting evergreen content from your blog can help increase traffic to your website from your social media page. 

Bottom Line

Get the creative juices flowing and think about how you can incorporate these content ideas into your social media strategy. If you don’t see a surge in followers as soon as you start posting consistently, give it time. Take a look at your reporting to see which posts received the most engagement over time and adjust your strategy accordingly. Remember, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to winning on social media!

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