8 Topic Areas to Inspire Your Real Estate Blog


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Bottom Line: These blog topic ideas can help you turn your existing knowledge into amazing content to keep your real estate website's blog fresh and relevant.

Do This: Use these topic areas as inspiration, then get writing!

hands on keyboard writing real estate blog entryYour blog should have SEO value, but also be interesting and helpful to your readers.We’ve talked before about the benefits of having a blog on your real estate site (did you miss that? Check it out here, then come back!). But usually the next question we get is “ok, but what would I even write about?”

It’s a fair question. Staring at a blank document can be intimidating, and in your already busy schedule who wants to spend time coming up with ideas for a blog post? Luckily, as a real estate pro, there are TONS of ways for you to use your existing knowledge base to create useful and fun blog content in no time!

Check out our top eight blog areas (with specific prompt ideas in each category) then get writing!

1. Niche or Audience-Based Content

This is an easy one. Different clients need different things, so write posts accordingly. Write for first-time buyers, first-time sellers, tips for buying and selling to accommodate a growing family, tips for buying and selling to retire, tips for investing in properties...you get the idea!

Possible Blog Titles:

  • Ready, Set, Sold! The 10 Must-Know Strategies for Sellers
  • Homebuying 101: The Top 5 Things First-Time Buyers Should Know

2. Design Trends and Ideas

Think about the best-looking home you ever walked into. Now think about the worst. What do you tell those potential clients? You know what makes a home look perfect and polished to sell...and what makes it sit on the market for ages. So write about it! Do a blog on tips for staging a home, design trends to avoid, the best interior colors that will inspire buyers, and so on.

Possible Blog Titles: 

  • 10 Must-Read Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell
  • These are the Top Design Trends of 2019 to Avoid When Trying to Sell Your Home

3. Home Repairs and Maintenance Tips

Your readers are on your site because they’re interested in homeownership. So not all of your content has to deal with buying and selling - write about things that will help homeowners! Write a blog at the start of each season with easy tips for preparing and maintaining your house. Come up with a list of tips to save on utilities. Write about the yearly maintenance projects that everyone should do...but always forget about!

Possible Blog Titles: 

  • Keep Your Home Cozy with These Tips for Prepping for Winter
  • These are the 10 Maintenance Projects You Should Do Every Single Year

4. DIY Ideas and Inspiration

Buying a home, and moving in general, is expensive. So your readers will love tips for DIY projects that can make their house a home without breaking the bank. Write about projects that that will boost your curb appeal, easy DIYs you can do in 30 minutes, or weekend projects.

Possible Blog Titles:

  • 5 Amazing DIY Projects to Make Your First House a Home
  • Awesome DIYs You Can Do in Under 30 Minutes
  • Home Improvement DIYs for Weekend Warriors

5. Community-Centric Topics

As a real estate pro, you’re invested and connected to your community. So use your blog to highlight that connection! Talk about your favorite local establishments. Where’s the best cup of coffee in town? Top breakfast joint? Awesome brewery? And don’t forget to highlight events in the area. These are great blogs because they won’t take you long to write while providing a lot of useful information.

Possible Blog Titles:

  • The Top 5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops in East Liberty
  • Make the Most of Your Long Weekend with these Local Labor Day Events

6. Money and Financial Topics

Homebuyers and sellers are making a major financial commitment, and that can be extremely intimidating. So write on financial topics that might help them out. Write about ips for calculating what you can actually afford to buy, saving tricks to help save for a down payment, insights into buying a house with student loans, and more!

Possible Blog Titles:

  • How to Determine if Renting or Buying is Right for You
  • Looking to Buy a House with Student Loans? Here’s What You Need to Know

7. Industry Insights and Trends

Of all of the categories we’ve talked about, this is one we’ll admit is a little more complex. Writing about the industry, particularly market trends, may require a little more research. BUT this is also really useful information for your potential clients. Consider doing a monthly or quarterly market spotlight. Write about the benefits of buying in the winter rather than the spring when everyone else is looking. Use your insider info to create useful blog content.

Possible Blog Titles:

  • The 2020 Market Outlook (and How it Could Affect You)
  • The Best Times to Buy (Hint: Winter is Coming!)

8. Fun and Unique Stuff About You!

Finally, it’s your blog and your website, so be sure to add in some of your personal flair! Potential clients want to know about you as a person when deciding if they want to work with you. So use your blog to showcase your personality, interests, and anything else that shows what makes you different from other agents.

Think you can’t bring too much of your personal flair to your business? Check out this amazing example of a completely unique real estate brand called the Nerdy Girls in Tampa, Florida.

Bottom Line

You have knowledge to share...that’s why your clients work with you! So turn that knowledge into blog content to help your grow your business. Use this list as a starting point, and see how far your creativity can take you!

Jess Clair self-portrait on Mount Washington
Jess Clair is the Marketing and Sales Project Manager at Joyce, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA.
Working with ListingManager allows Jess to explore an alternate reality where she could one day own a house instead of renting. When she’s not focused on her daily to-do lists, Jess enjoys HBO binges, gourmet lattes, and playing with her dog.

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