How to Make a Landing Page (With Examples)  


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Bottom Line: Having an effective landing page to direct users to is crucial if you want to convert leads. Think of it as the golden ticket to get people to your real estate website and complete an action, whether that’s filling out a contact form or watching a video. 

Do This: Your landing page shouldn’t be just any old page on your site. It needs to have a clear purpose and a goal. Follow these tips to win over leads and use the examples provided below as inspiration so you can start getting real results from your marketing campaigns.

Why You Need a Landing Page

You’ve just set up an awesome ad campaign on Facebook or Google Ads and you’re getting a good amount of traffic. People are clicking on your ads and visiting your site, but they’re not taking action. 

We get it, digital ads can be super frustrating when they’re not giving you the results you want. If you’re getting engagement on ads but not conversions, it’s time to examine the destination of where you’re sending users after they click on an ad. 

Getting people to complete an action once they are on your site has to do with user experience. 

When a person clicks on an ad, they’re expecting to be brought to a page that matches their need so they can take action. If you’re sending people to your homepage or another general page on your site, this doesn’t satisfy their need. As a result, they won’t know what action to take and probably won’t go through the trouble to find your contact information, they’ll just exit the page. 

Needless to say, you don’t want people to just visit your site. You want them to convert by taking action. Make it as easy and compelling as possible by creating an effective landing page that answers their needs. 

So how do you create a landing page that’s so good it will convince people to give you their information? 

What Makes a Landing Page “Good?”

Surprisingly, creating a “good” landing page isn’t all that complicated. 

The truth is anybody can create a good landing page. But the problem is that many people often make the mistake of assuming that landing pages need to have lots of content when in reality, it should be the opposite. 

Keep The Design Simple

That’s right, don’t overdo it. 

Have you ever watched a late-night infomercial that used flashing yellow text, terrible acting, and just an all-over cheesy pitch and thought of how obnoxious it was? This is the same vibe your landing page can give off if you’re not careful!


Keep it classy and simple. A landing page shouldn’t be cluttered with content, it should only include essential information and visuals to spark interest and nothing more. Don’t bombard people with too many images, links, or distracting animations, this could overwhelm them and cause them to exit the page altogether. Your content should be persuasive, not desperate for a sale. It should also give people confidence that they’ve come to the right place. Here are some great examples of landing pages with killer designs.


Why we like this landing page: 

  • A great background that shows the service they’re offering, video streaming

  • Clear, no-nonsense CTA that only requires the user to provide their email address

  • The “Get Started” button is bright and prominent on the page, begging to be clicked


Why we like this landing page:

  • Bright, airy graphic design tailored to their target demographic of young adults

  • Cleverly shares the benefits they have to offer like “spacious” and “pet-friendly” apartments

  • A unique CTA button that makes users curious about $1,000 a month could get them, very different from the common CTA copy like “Submit” or “Join Now”

Does this mean your landing page needs to have expert-grade graphics like the examples above? No. But it should have eye-catching images and colors that are relevant to your real estate business. 

Now that you have an idea of what the design should look like, let’s talk about copy.

Landing Page Copy: Less is More

Ready for some sad news?

You only have 8 seconds to make an impression on a landing page. You get one shot to wow your prospects. 

Most people are “non-readers” meaning they don’t bother reading long paragraphs, they want to know what you have to offer and they want it fast. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is droning on and on about how great their company or service is and the solutions they offer. 

We can almost guarantee most people will exit the page after the first couple of sentences. That’s why investing time in writing a great headline and subheadline is crucial. 

Your headline should be big, bold, and describe your real estate services in one concise sentence. If you opt for a subheadline, it should push your service’s benefits. The rest of your copy should be skimmable, meaning that people can get a sense of what you’re offering by just glancing at the page. 

Breaking your copy into smaller sections, using short bullet points to list the benefits of your service, and image captions are all ways to simplify your copy and keep people engaged so they stay on your landing page. Below are some examples of straight-to-the-point copy that is both easy to read and high-quality. 

Constant Contact

Why we like this landing page: 

  • The headline is the biggest element on the page and is impossible to miss

  • The headline copy is punchy, yet simple

  • The subheadline tells the customer exactly how the service will benefit them


  • The headline is only four words, yet tells the customer exactly what they can get from the business with the help of the image

  • The subheadline shows the value the customer is getting

  • The CTA is unique and highlights one of the business benefits of having the flexibility to customize your order

FabFitFun also does a great job of breaking down useful information into bite-sized blocks. 

In short, your copy doesn’t have to be clever or coy, but it does have to be simple and effective. 

Last, but certainly not least, your landing page should be high performing. Let’s talk about functionality.

The Cherry On Top: Optimize Page Speed and Responsiveness

Your landing page shouldn’t just look good, it should function well too! 

Don’t make the mistake of not checking your page’s load time. Even just a 1-second delay in page load time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Google’s PageSpeed Insight is a free tool you can use to see how fast your page loads. The tool also provides data on which areas you can improve on.

Your landing page should also adjust to any screen size, this means testing it out on different devices to see how it looks and works. A quick way to see if your website is responsive for mobile devices is Google’s Mobile-Friendly test

Not sure how to optimize your landing page speed or responsiveness? We’re here to help! We know just what it takes to make a page perform well.

Bottom Line

Creating an awesome landing page doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the tips and examples in this article to set up your first landing page. Monitor your stats to see how they perform and make modifications as needed. Remember, less is more!

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